Sea Cadets

The Navy Club are proud supporters of the Sea Cadets programme.

The Sea Cadet Corps (SCC) or Sea Cadets, is one of the three corps in the New Zealand Cadet Forces (NZCF), the other two being the Air Training Corps (ATC), and the New Zealand Cadet Corps (NZCC). Its members are civilians.

Members have no obligation to join the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) however some do choose to join the NZDF. The NZDF is partnered with the civilian Sea Cadet Association of New Zealand (SCANZ).

Navy Cadet Units hold recognised activities throughout the year, including outdoor and adventure training such as:

  • Parade Nights - Every unit holds Parade Nights weekly, approximately 3–4 hours per night during the school terms. Each parade night usually begins and ends with a parade. The starting parade follows a traditional RNZN Colours Ceremony to raise the SCC Ensign, to inspect uniforms, and to inform the cadets on the parade night’s activities. The final parade follows a traditional RNZN Sunset Ceremony to lower the SCC Ensign, and to inform the cadets on upcoming events in the unit. Between the parades, the cadets undergo classroom or practical instruction.

  • Sailing - Teaching our cadets to sail in the Crown and Feva class of boats gives them the opportunity to not only learn the skill of sailing, but also gives them the basis of teamwork and leadership, as they master each position on the boat, leading to a qualification as a Coxswain (Boat Skipper).

  • Boatwork and Rigging - Navy Cadets undergo training to develop and maintain safe seamanship skills in power, sail, oar, and paddle craft, and learn the correct way to utilise ropes and pulleys.

  • Firearms Safety and Marksmanship Training - Units conduct regular firearms safety training with .22 calibre smallbore target rifles. This training also further develops self-discipline, confidence and teamwork that becomes beneficial during National and International Cadet Shooting Competitions.Cadets must pass a strict TOET (Test of Elementary Training) before being allowed on the range. Cadets can be awarded skills badges in Rifle Proficiency, First Class Shooting and Marksmanship as their shooting skills develop.

  • Working with the Navy - Our Navy Cadets are closely aligned to the RNZN and they have the opportunity to experience life in the RNZN, through sea time on operational Navy ships as they transit between ports.

  • Duke of Edinburgh - All training provided by the NZCF can be cross-credited to those who are working towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award, with badges awarded to those who complete the Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.